How MoFit Can Improve Member Retention

Introducing MoFit – a fitness tracking and member engagement platform for gyms and fitness clubs

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The coming of a new era

Digitalization is making virtually everything easier, faster, and better. Almost every industry is adopting new technologies to solve problems and keep up with customer demands. One particular industry has been slow to evolve, though its realized the rest of the world was leaving it behind. Since its realization, the gym industry has made some major leaps with smart equipment, gym apps, group training platforms and even shifting business models. Today, the corona pandemic is accelerating digialization, especially for the gym industry. We’re on the cusp of a new era, which is why we’re excited to introduce ourselves to you.

We are MoFit and we’re excited to help the gym industry enter this new era with a digital solution to one of the industry’s biggest problems – member retention.

How many times have you told yourself, “I’m going to get into a routine and really get in shape this year”? How many times do you think your members have told themselves the exact same thing? Sure, they sign up with lots of motivation and determination. But, after a few weeks or months, that motivation fades and they lose interest. 

Some reasons your members might lose interest are:

  • They don’t form habits of going consistently and eventually life gets in the way.
  • They don’t know what to do or how to get in shape.
  • They grow frustrated with their progress and/or don’t see the reward for their efforts.
  • They don’t form any connections to your community.

In some way, shape or form, their needs just aren’t met. Whatever the reason, it’s your job to meet those needs. And these days, people have a world of possibilities when it comes to their fitness needs. So why should they spend money at your gym every month? Gyms need to work even harder to attract, engage, satisfy and, most importantly, retain their members.

The average gyms member retention rate is only roughly 71%. To give you a sense of what that means – out of every 4 members you acquire, 1 will cancel their membership. That’s not a very good ratio, especially when the average gym spends about $118.65 to acquire each new member.

Now, you might be thinking, well isn’t that exactly what the gym wants? To lock a member into a 2-year contract, only for the member to stop visiting the club after some months. If you’re still thinking in this mindset, then you’re not thinking about the future, you’re stuck in the past. With a ton of alternatives to getting a gym membership flooding the market, such as subscriptions like Urban Sports Club and ClassPass or at-home equipment like Peloton and VAHA, long-term membership contracts are a thing of the past. And with this newly gained flexibility, gym members will be even harder to acquire, satisfy, and retain.

So you have to ask yourself, what does your gym offer that people can’t get anywhere else?

We're here to help

We want to empower you, the gym owner, to provide your members insight, feedback, motivation, and encouragement in a convenient, fun and easy way, allowing you to enhance your gym experience.

By giving your members these things, you’ll be able to improve member engagement, which in turn will improve member satisfaction and member loyalty, and ultimately improve member retention. To achieve this, we’re building a fitness tracking app that will act as a platform to drive member engagement.

At the core, we’ve found that your members feel satisfied when they feel like they are achieving their individual fitness goal, whether that is to stay healthy, loss fat, gain muscle, improve performance or just to look good. But, to allow them to reach their fitness goal, you first need to engage them, and keep them engaged. With the MoFit app, achieving an above average member retention rate is broken into three steps:
(1) Member Engagement, (2) Member Interaction, and (3) Member Satisfaction.

Step 1: Member Engagement

We want to offer our app as an amenity to your gym that shows your members the way, gives your members confidence and shows them their progress towards their fitness goals. The MoFit app will automatically log their activity, motivate them to workout, help them build habits and engage with other members and staff, ultimately keeping them satisfied and coming back.

We’re making it so easy, a first time gym member can do it. By simply tapping their gym access card or bracelet to a small, robust sensor that is retrofitted on the piece of equipment, their exercise or activity will be automatically logged and they’ll become a part of a community, your community.

With our app, they’ll receive guidance, instant feedback and consistent encouragement along the way to achieving their fitness goal. Whatever their fitness goal, workout routine, or equipment of choice, you’ll have the tools to engage your community by setting up a leader board, challenges and events. We’re building our app with human behavior at the center of our design, to intrinsically motivate your members and help build healthy long-lasting habits. This is called fitness gamification and is our key to driving member engagement with our app.

Step 2: Member Interaction

When your members are engaged, intrinsically motivated, progress towards their fitness goals and feel a connection to your community, then they naturally won’t want to leave. Not only will your members feel connected with other members and your staff, but our app is another way for your members to interact with each other, workout together and keep each other motivated. This is when they’ll start to become loyal to your gym and tell their friends. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that when members start interacting with each other, member retention increases. Ultimately, your gym is different from any other gym by your community; the relationships you build with your members and the relationships your members build with each other.

Step 3: Member Satisfaction

Your members will thank you when they feel better than ever, look great in a bikini or swimsuit, can lift more, jump higher or run faster than their siblings, or even beat type 2 diabetes. In the end, we all have a different reason for signing up at a gym, but we all sign up with a purpose, or a goal. However, after talking to a handful of gym members, we found that less than 30% actually felt like they made any progress. With nearly 65 million gym members throughout the EU and growing yearly, more people are looking to you to satisfy their fitness needs. Give your members an assurance, even when they can’t physically see their progress, that their hard work is paying off. Show them their accomplishments, and tell them you are proud. Show them they are not alone. 

Why should you care?

It all starts with engaging your members, so make improving your member engagement a priority. It could end up generating 600% more income per member than your salespeople can. 

Why spend so much money on marketing and sales efforts to acquire new members, only for your new members to grow unsatisfied and cancel their membership within a few months?

To that end, we’re working very hard to be able to bring you the MoFit app as soon as possible so that the money you spend on customer acquisition actually translates to growth rather than stagnation, and so that at the end of the day, your members thank you. 

If you’re curious to know more, contact us or sign up for our newsletter below to be the first to know when you can deploy the MoFit app at your gym.

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